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Who we are.

At MyRemoteFA, powered by Innovative Financial Group, our goal is to help you best manage your finances through a personalized strategy that is tailored to your needs, and is customized around your schedule. We are a team of financial advisors available to help you with understanding your finances and developing a customized strategy to align with your needs, goals, concerns, and expectations. Our network of trusted advisors use the latest technology to provide a modern approach to managing your finances. We recognize the value of your time, and we make it easy for you to connect with us remotely through phone, email, and even screen sharing. We offer all of the services of a traditional Financial Advisor relationship, but with the added convenience to meet on your terms.

How we work with you.

When working with MyRemoteFA, we will utilize the latest in technology which will be customized to your comfort level with technology. This includes the use of screensharing technology, electronic communications via email, as well traditional methods.  If the time comes that you need a face to face meeting, we have a network of 100+ advisors across 30+ states that can sit down with you at their office or in the comfort of your own home. However you choose to engage with MyRemoteFA, we will always strive to accommodate your needs to ensure you have a positive experience.

What we do.

At MyRemoteFA, we help you preserve, grow and enjoy your wealth. After all, the joy is not with money itself, but what you can experience when spending it. We will help you create a strategy that fits your lifestyle, while helping reduce risk for you and your loved ones along the way through insurance. 

How We Work With You