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MyRemoteFA® is a team of salaried financial advisors who work with individuals and families across the country. As our name would indicate, we work with clients remotely which allows clients to receive advice from a Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP®) from the comfort of their home or office. MyRemoteFA® also partners with IFG® affiliated advisors by helping you:

  1. Protect your business: If you do not currently have a continuity plan, MyRemoteFA® can act as your continuity partner in the event of your death or disability. No strings attached, meaning you can cancel at any time for any reason; however, this plan will immediately protect your clients, business, and family.
  2. Grow your business: The MyRemoteFA® team collaborates with and refers clients to IFG®’s affiliated advisors regularly by leveraging their experience and demographic location based on clients’ needs.
  3. Realize the value of your business: If you do not have a succession plan and you are evaluating your exit strategy, MyRemoteFA® has a turn-key succession program. This includes a tried and tested process for a smooth transition of the client relationships combined with the capital of a large firm to ensure you maximize the value of the business you have built.  

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