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Lori  Bohnenstiehl

Lori Bohnenstiehl

Director of New Business Processing

Everyone loves Lori! Besides her bubbly personality who tells it like it is, she is an expert on Processing/Uploading/Tracking New Business and Service Requests.

Lori began her career with Innovative Financial Group in 2017 after spending 16 years in law.  One of her strongest attributes is having a keen eye for detail, which is a must in her multi-faceted position.  She is the Director of the Business Processing Concierge service which enables the advisors to do what they do best…meet with their clients, and she takes care of the “behind the scenes” requirements. 

While she provides the advisors with the necessary paperwork, she also makes sure that paperwork is saved in the database, forwarded for processing, and obtaining final approvals.  She thrives on keeping this well-oiled machine running smoothly. 

Lori lives in Murfreesboro, TN with her husband, Dave, and their 4 dogs.  Lori enjoys spending time with her 4 kids, dog training and rehabilitation, and hikes in nature.