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How We Do It

We put you at the center of our 5-step process.

1. Discovery

Through a combination of phone calls and web-based applications, we will work with you to understand your needs and goals. We realize that your needs are unique and that you are busy spending time with family and friends, building a business or just enjoying the little things in life. We recognize the value of your time and we will customize our discovery process around you and your schedule.

2. Analyze

We will develop a customized plan based on your needs using a variety of resources, such as MoneyGuidePro. There is more to Financial Planning than assets, investments and net worth. This process helps us understand what you want to do with your money, as well as helps us identify your concerns, expectations and goals.

3. Recommendation

We have a comprehensive range of investment, advisory and protection products from leading carriers that we can offer you to meet your needs.

4. Implementation

We will use the latest in technology, such as DocuSign, to implement your plan securely with convenience in mind all while trying to reduce our environmental footprint through the elimination of unnecessary printing and mailing.

5. Review

Periodic reviews of your investment and protection products is imperative to ensuring your products continue to meet your needs through all stages of your life. Based on your availability and needs, we will schedule annual, semiannual or quarterly meetings with you to review your portfolio.