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GenXFinancial Launches "Your Firm Journey" to Empower Financial Advisors in Building and Monetizing Their Own Firms

Nashville, TN – December 4, 2023 

The GenXFinancial Family of Companies (GenX), a leading wealth management firm specializing in continuity, succession planning, and growth facilitation for NextGen financial professionals, is excited to announce the launch of "Your Firm Journey." This comprehensive set of resources is designed to guide financial advisors through the process of starting their own fully independent firms, scaling up through growth and acquisitions, and ultimately succeeding through a thoughtful succession plan.

"Your Firm Journey" is available to all affiliates with the firm, specifically affiliated advisors of their Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ), Innovative Financial Group® (IFG). GenX's flagship business, Innovative Financial Group® (IFG), founded by industry veterans Brian Heapps and Robert Mitchell in 2017, currently oversees over $10 billion in client assets, supervises 190 financial professionals with branch offices in 31 states, and stands as the largest Super-OSJ within Osaic Wealth, as of 11/1/2023.

"Our mission has always been to help advisors create their own businesses and build enterprise value that they can later monetize, with equity they can ultimately sell. Today, we are proud to offer this opportunity to over 190 independent advisors who choose to affiliate with us," stated Brian Heapps. "Through Your Firm Journey, we provide advisors with the necessary resources to launch their own businesses, achieve growth and expansion, and eventually realize the equity they have built with a well-planned succession strategy."

Malcolm Thomas, Head of Business Development, emphasized that many financial advisors aspire to own their own firms but find the transition to full independence intimidating and overwhelming. "The launch portion of Your Firm Journey breaks down the process into four categories: marketing, business setup, licensing, and client transition, providing a step-by-step checklist for each. We have created a clear roadmap for advisors to successfully launch their own firms."


For more information, please contact:
Malcolm Thomas, Head of Business Development

About The GenXFinancial Family of Companies:
The GenXFinancial Family of Companies is at the forefront of shaping how financial firms are built and how advice is delivered to clients. Led by Brian Heapps, The GenXFinancial Family of Companies includes MyRemoteFA®, Innovative Financial Group®, and SellMyFinancialPractice, offering comprehensive solutions for advisors and clients alike. Committed to building the future of financial advising, the company equips advisors with the tools and resources needed to thrive in an ever-changing industry.

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